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Think Positive

Think Positive
Well, thanks. We hear this a lot in our lives, but rarely do we apply it. In fact, sometimes we have violent reactions to people who tell us to do this. We instinctively know that thinking positively is good for us, and yet we choose not to do it a great deal of the time. So the question is, why?

Are we self destructive by nature? Perhaps. Are we lazy? Sure, there is an element of familiarity to being stuck in a certain place. Or perhaps we just don’t know how?I’m going to use some power of positive thinking and say it isn’t due to our destructive nature or laziness, but instead it is because we don’t know how.

Positive thinking begins with happiness. It is exceptionally difficult to create positive thoughts while you are struggling for your own survival, dealing with loss or tragedy. For most of us and for most of the time though, we are just stuck. Stuck in routine. Stuck in our jobs. Stuck in obligations that we don’t want to do. Stuck.

We do have choice. Even when we are stuck in a rut, we have the choice to be happy or being withdrawn or upset. Ok, your car just ran out of gas and you are late for a meeting. You can choose to punch your car, curse the heavens and scream bloody murder (which can help sometimes). But after that is done, you are clearly stuck in this situation. Choose to be stuck there! Humans do not like being caged, and whenever we are caged, we either withdraw or lash out at others or at ourselves. But what if you instead faked being happy! YAY my car is out of gas! Yay I’m going to miss that boring meeting I didn’t want to go to in the first place! WOOOHOO, I can listen to that new album I bought on my iPod!

Spin it. Fake it. Enjoy it. We spend far too much time brooding over ridiculously stupid minutia. Get over it. Get happy now. Be happy right where you are right now. Sure we all want millions. Sure it will help with the bills, but if you don’t improve how you feel, no one else will and having millions won’t change that. Take the wheel and drive your life.

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