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A Trip to the Dentist

In case you were wondering if having your front tooth ground down to a tiny stub was a pleasant experience, I can dispel this illusion. HOLY FRAK was that painful. They tie this string around the tooth and pull it tight to remove the gum from the tooth. NOT PLEASANT. Then they strap this contraption to your face, which is held in place with elastic bands that are strapped on your teeth. Well the bands don’t fit right, so they jam them in there with pliers. NOT PLEASANT.

Then the grinding happens. This process does not take 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. Hell, not even 45 minutes. ONE HOUR of grinding on that tooth. Stopping only when I had to hit them because I was choking on my own spit. Yeah that was awesome.

Knowing full well that there was nothing I could do, I concentrated on relaxing my breathing, relaxing my body. And most importantly, allowing the pain and discomfort to happen. This made me feel much more in control, and therefore comfortable, through the whole process. It wasn’t like I found a happy place or power animal. I made the conscious decision to allow these people to mess with my face, and I didn’t fight them. The nurse even commented that she’s never seen anyone so calm before during such a procedure.

The doc didn’t say anything to me and he was all business. This felt so strange, like I was just a dresser he was sanding or something. Then they had to take several forms of my teeth. Well the goop they used slid down my throat and choked me good. I was waving my hands trying to get them to help. But then I realized they wouldn’t so I slowed my heart down, and breathed through my nose.

Then there is the smell. Imagine burning hair but worse.

And the pressure. AHHH.

Oh, and I guess my body processes that numbing agent really well. It wore off during the grinding of my tooth. They were surprised because they gave me a lot. Well, the second one wore off too, but by that time they were done with the grinding.

I had to have a special porcelain tooth ordered, but it looks as though they matched the colors correctly. Several days after the whole ordeal, I can easily forget the experience. However, the lesson for me here was clear. Relax, and allow medical professionals to just do their job, and you can be done all that much faster.

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