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Alter your Mood by Breathing


When we are mad our breath becomes erratic.  When we are sad, our breath become shallow.  When we are at peace, our breath is even and natural.  And so, practice breathing, calm and deeply right before bed, and right when you wake up each day.  Close your eyes and put your mind at your center, and imagine that your breath goes from your nose and into your center, and out from your center and out your mouth.  Reality is, the air goes into your lungs, but we are going to trick ourselves by drawing that breath further in.  Only take in as much air before you tense up, and only exhale until before you tense up.  The goal is to feel relaxed and calm, and to change our mood by our breath.

Be happy first.  Choose happiness.  You can’t always choose circumstances or situations that life presents you, but you can choose to change the way you personally feel about anything. And so we can trick our minds into a better state by breathing more like we would when we are happy.

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