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Too Busy

The other day I invited a friend out to lunch, and he told me he was “too busy.”  He later added, that he had so much that he had to do, that he couldn’t possibly go.

Ok, now, we have often heard this excuse from people in our lives and it is no big deal.  Or is it?  What is actually being said when this phrase is spoken?  Upon reflection I felt myself getting more and more annoyed by this answer.  Too busy?  Are you implying that I am not busy?  Are you implying that you work harder than me because you have some errand scheduled?  Do you think that I do not pull my own weight or work as hard as you because I can schedule my life better?

Too busy in martial arts means that your movements are clumsy.  Too busy while performing martial arts makes it look like it takes a great deal of effort.  Sword masters look slow, not fast.  Appearing fast means you are trying to hard, and putting in too much muscle instead of allowing the sword to do what it does best; which is to cut.

Saying that you are too busy to others tells people two things.  One, it tells them that you are less important than whatever else it is they have going on.  Two, it makes it appear as though you are not in control of your schedule or your life.  As a business owner, or even as an employee, we don’t want to appear too busy.  This makes others believe that you are not fully capable of handling your position.  People will naturally begin to doubt your competence and doubt your ability to resolve simple matters.

Telling others that you are too busy will eventually push those persons away.  Now, perhaps that is the point.  Like having to wash your hair in order to avoid a date.  That is fine when we are young, but as we mature, shouldn’t our language also mature?

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