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The Dream

There comes a point in everyone’s life, or so it would seem to me from my perspective, that everyone has a dream of the life they want to live.  This may be a vague dream, such as living happily ever after.  Or perhaps it is more concrete, like wanting to be a New York Times bestselling author.  But, this drive to create exactly the image of the life you want is very compelling, or very scary for many of us.

Excuse me while I change my tone to biblical for a short duration:

And the Naysayers shall spit venom, and their words will be like poison onto you.  Listen not to the mouths of fools and those that may call you friend.  Listen only to the voice inside you that is calling out for more.  Calling out for the dream that keeps your spirit alive.  For if we silence our own inner voice, what is it in life that will ever matter henceforth?

The dream.  What is more difficult?  Making the dream happen, or finding the right dream to have?  It would seem like dreams are moving targets, and the trick is to have the target move forward and not backward.  Perhaps loosely holding onto an idea is better than griping it so tight it slips through our grasp.  And dreams are subjective and very personal.  Your dream may to become a butcher, which I may scoff at unintentionally.  But this should not sway our hearts and minds should it?  After all, it is our dream, and no one else’s.  If you want to cut beef for a living, then by all means, make that joy happen!  Send me a slice of dry aged steak and show me the error of my ways!  And above all, let the joy of that dream manifest and spread to others like a plague of awesome.

Everyone needs a dream.  Otherwise life is just a big exercise in treading water.

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