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My six word Memoir:

Serenity through strength. Strength through serenity.

If there is something I’ve learned studying and teaching martial arts for twenty six years, is that persistence is the most important attribute for success. Many talented athletes who came through my door quit long before they reached black belt. Conversely, I’ve known lesser talented people gain incredible skill in martial arts just because they showed up everyday and practiced. Those that create a vision of what they want, create a ritual for practice, and persist are destined to have all of their dreams come true.
       Years ago I started putting this philosophy to work on my writing. I gave myself the goal of writing a book in a month. When I succeeded, I thought, why not write one book each month for a year? Well I only wrote ten books that year, one million words. After that time I realized that it all sucked so I had to go back and rewrite everything, and so the next year that’s exactly what I did. However, I proved to myself that I can create a first draft of a novel within three to four weeks. The secret is easy: Don’t be afraid to write crap, let it go, and write 5000 words a day. Fix it later.
       I’ve discovered that writing is mental martial arts. It’s patience, persistence, ritual, vision, and it’s creative power. Willpower doesn’t last, rituals last a lifetime. If you have time to brush your teeth, you have time to improve anything in your life you want to.


Why the name “One-Stone Arts”?


ShieldPart of my family’s coat of arms includes a crane holding a stone; this is supposed to represent Vigilance. When the crane becomes tired, it drops the stone that it is holding, and wakes itself up. The name Krohn is derived from the crane.


  1. April 12, 2012    

    Very cool-looking site, Craig! I trust you with a hammer.

  2. Cindy French's Gravatar Cindy French
    April 20, 2012    

    Awesome website Craig!! You are so talented in so many ways!!

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