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Tropes the Horror Show Card Game.

Inspired by the horror movie clichés we love from movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Scream, and Nightmare on Elm Street, Tropes lets you and your friends share the writer’s chair to create hilarious, scary, wacky, or terrifying stories based on hundreds of classic horror movie tropes.

Reveal and Character and a Scene to get started, and then use your hand of Story cards to make up the story as you go. Use the card as inspiration and your creativity; there’s never a bad card to play! Each player picks up the story from where the person before them left off, and so it goes around the table. The story ends when a player uses a Finale card to kill or rescue the Character. The person who has uses the most Finales at the end, wins. But really, you’ll probably be laughing too hard along the way to keep score.


• Designed to poke fun at the horror clichés you know and love.
•Game cards include:
•12 Characters, from the Nerd to the Real Killer.
•12 Locations, such as the Slumber Party and Creepy Mansion.
• Nearly 300 story cards you’ll use as inspiration for the story.
• 18 Finale cards that will bring the story to a grisly, or happy ending.
• Lightning fast game play, perfect for parties and game nights.
• Let’s you be as creative as you want to be.
• Stories easily scale in tone and scariness depending on the players.
• Artwork by Dev Madan.


Tropes Crew:

Top Row: Craig Krohn, Jeff Morgenroth, Dev Madan

Bottom Row: Chris Champagne, Tim Bruhn